Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Should I Cut My Hair?

I am debating if i should or not. I'm thinking something like these hairdos:
 I like this fun, light, breezy look to this girls hair.

 I like the bangs on this girls hair. They are swoopy and awesome.

And i like the curly feel to this one. This one is definatly my favorite.
I don't think i will have the guts to actually chop it off, but if i was going to, i'd do something like those ones. I have been growing my hair out for what seems like forever, but it won't grow!
This is my current length:



I'm aiming for this length!:
 Like Avril.

Or Ashley.

I guess i answered my own question. I am not going to cut my hair. I was just thinking about it for a while. But i do want to grow my hair out. Hopefully one day my hair will be as long and pretty as Avril's or Ashley's. One day...

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  1. my hair seems to be taking FOREVER to grow back out, too :((( you're super pretty, it'd be interesting to see how you'd rock a short `do. HAPPY NEW YEAR! new year, new you ;)