Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lash Blast

Kim Kardasian is known for her sheer beauty. And what i like most about her, is her long lashes. I am totally jelous of them. They are long, dark and beautiful...take a look for yourself:

Kim uses this:
I think i'll have to try that out(:

Friday, January 27, 2012

Your Happiest When...

you smile at someone new...
you laugh at a funny joke...
you make a new friend...
you are nice to strangers...
you stand up for what you believe in...
you love everyone no matter what...
you do whats right, just because you want to...
you compliment new friends...
you make someone else's day better...
you are with happy people...
you do nice things...
you have cool hair and makeup...

I just thought i'd share that with ya. It's so dang true.
Today at school, i was in one of my classes and i was talking with a group of people, and one girl said, "I hate it when people wear the same clothes all the time. I mean, seriously, add some variaty!"
First of all, it broke my heart. Second of all, it pissed me off. So i said, "Some people don't have a choice, and sometimes it isn't their fault. So don't judge them."
She glared at me, and then the conversation moved to a new topic.
I felt good after that. Even though she is probably mad at me least i stood up for what i believe in.
I love clothes, and most people do, but some people can't afford them, or don't want them, or someother reason. And we should never judge a person...especially on what they are on the outside. I just hope that people will learn to be kind, and realize that it isn't whats on the outside that counts, it's whats on the inside. I do judge; it's a human thing to do. But i've learned, that judging a person, doesn't define who they are, if defines who YOU are. So don't do it. It's hard sometimes, because we see someone, and we make an asumtion...but if we learn to look past the owtward appearance, you will meet some amazing people.
For example: There was this girl in one of my classes once upon a time, and she wore the same thing everyday, and her hair was always greasy. People didn't like to talk to her because she was shy and "different". When the semester ended, we got new classes and she was in one of my new ones. In the class on the first day, we had to tell the class our names, and one unique thing about us. This girl got up and said, "My name is (this isn't really her name) jill, and i have 23 siblings." And then she sat down. Everyone stared. She turned red, and i felt bad, so i stood up and said, "Hey, me too! Except i have 10 instead!" That made the class loosen up, and i made a new friend with this girl.
If she wouldn't have said that, we probably wouldn't have become i'm glad that she got out of her comfort zone to share that. Also, this girl, is an awesome girl, and whats outside of her, no longer matters to me; because i know what's inside.
I hope everyone can be nicer to everybody, and i hope we can choose to respect everyone, NO MATTER WHAT!

I know this had nothing to do with hair and makeup, but i felt like it was worth sharing...


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Night Sky + Natural with Red Lipstick!

My night sky eyes are obviously a little lighter...
(I look like a dork...sorry bout that...)

Mph mph...


 Red Lipstick with Natural Eye Shadow Colors:
(wow this looks really awkward too...sorry)


I'm wearing Rimmel London's Jet Set Red Color Lipstick

Try it sometime! Red is bold, and fierce, and it attracts the guys;) Haha


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012

Natural Eye

I have been trying to wear a little less makeup lately, and i have been looking a little like this lately.

I want to try these soon:

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

double back pony braid

It's waaayyy easy. so go try it! Just make 2 french braids on each side and stick it into a pony tail. It's easy and fast! I had attendance school today, so this worked great!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

What I Use!

What Do I Use??
Face  Wash: Neutrogena Cranberry Face Wash
 Hairspray: Sheer Blonde Spray from JF
 Perfume: Mariah Carey perfume
Those are some of the things i use, and i love them! They all work great and they last a long time too! Try em' out!!!