Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bang Fish Bone Braid

I curled my hair with it.
It's very easy. All you do is:

1. Fish Braid your bangs.
2. Pin into your hair.
3. Curl your hair.
4. Spray with hairspray.
5. Enjoy!

And it turns out like this:

Don't know how to braid a fish bone braid?
Watch how, here!

Don't know how to curl like me?
Watch how, here!



  1. what a cute idea! i never thought to make a smaller braid like that. looks wonderful on you xx
    My Blog: Boho Vanity

  2. wow, fun! I Quiz on the my blog

  3. I love this style of braid but it seems a bit tricky! Either way i am going to try it! (thank goodness for
    The how-to-video!!!)
    p.s. ill let you know how this goes and whether or not it lloks like a fish bone braid or shark attack braid! Ha! Esmi

  4. So cute! I have never fishtail braided my bangs but that looks really cute, I think I will try that on my hair tomorrow :)